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Why Purebred?

What is a Purebred dog?

Simply put a purebred dog is a dog that has been carefully bred for certain characteristics or job and is registered (in Canada) with the Canadian Kennel Club.

Why purchase a Purebred dog?

One advantage of purebred dogs is that the qualities of each generation (size, coat, temperament etc.) are passed on to the next.

So you have a very good idea on what your dog will look and act like. All breeds are different however, so consider the following from the point of view of a mature dog when developing your short list for deciding what breed is best for you and your family:

Size: Determines space requirement

Coat Type: Determines grooming time needed

Energy Level: Determines space requirement and exercise needs

Original Purpose: Indicates instinctive activity

(i.e. barking, protecting, retrieving, etc.)

Temperament: Determines obedience needs, level of independence or attachment, aggressive/passive nature, etc.

Allergies: Some breeds cause less suffering for allergy patients

Remember each dog is also an individual, even within a breed you will have differences in temperament, size etc, a reputable breeder will help you make the right decision for your situation.

What is a Responsible Breeder?

A responsible breeder:

  • Does all the recommended health testing available for their breed before they breed their dogs.
  • Breeds because they love their breed
  • Breeds to preserve the breed for the future.
  • Breeds to improve the breed
  • Breeds quality not quantity
  • All of their breeding dogs are registered with the Canadian Kennel Club or other accredited breed or all breed club (AKC, FCI for example)
  • Dogs are a part of the family
  • Each dog is special
  • "Home raised puppies" usually means in the house and underfoot, cared for and attended to personally
  • Would NEVER supply or sell puppies to a pet store!!
  • Truly responsible breeders want to meet you before selling you one of their prized pups to be sure that he or she is going to a good home.

If your choice is to adopt a mixed breed, visit the local shelters or breed rescue groups.

For more information on purebred dogs:

Canadian Kennel Club: www.ckc.ca