Evangeline Kennel Club

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Who are our members?

The Evangeline Kennel Club is made up of dog owners with varying levels of expertise. We have members who are dog breeders and those who are serious exhibitors at dog shows in either conformation or performance events. They are knowledgeable about canine nutrition, health, training, and development.

Having a purebred is not a prerequisite for membership. We welcome those who have an interest in learning more about the canine world or those who simply want to share their love of dogs with others who have a similar interest.

The Canadian Kennel Club and the Evangeline Kennel Club welcome owners of mixed breeds to join our membership and encourage the dogs to be registered in the CKC Canine Companion Program so they can participate in exciting dog sports and participate in community service.

From the beginner to the most experienced breeder or competitor we are all here to learn, share experiences, and to enjoy the companionship of those who appreciate having dogs in their lives.

How to join us: 

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Evangeline Kennel Club then you can fill out the membership form and bring it to one of our club meetings....

Executive Members

President                Debra Boudreau

Vice President        Lynn Pulsifer

Secretary                Brenda Trofanenko

Treasurer               Donna Matheson

Directors                Belle Darris

                                Peter Aalders

                                Wendy Aalders

Membership Directory


Aalders, Peter & Wendy (pwaalders@outlook.com)        Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Boudreau, Debra  (deb.boudreau.2014@gmail.com)                   Barbet and Havanese

Boulding,  Andrea (Andrea.boulding@gmail.com)                                                        

Darris, Belle (bellemdarris@gmail.com)                                                          Papillon

MacKay, JoAnn (sunemporium@auracom.com)                          Miniature Schnauzer

Matheson, Donna (edgemere@ns.sympatico.ca)                    English Springer Spaniel

Raymo, Christine and Neil (didi@mythen.ca)                                                  Irish Setter

Smith, Pete and Sheila (plimoges@ns.sympatico.ca)                                Gordon Setter

Trofanenko, Brenda (btrofanenko@gmail.com)                          Welsh Springer Spaniel