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We’re having a month of fundraising!
As with many clubs, the Evangeline Kennel Club had to cancel our 2020 and 2021 shows. We are, however, moving forward with planning our June 2022 shows at the Acadia University arena in Wolfville, NS. In moving forward, we are also fundraising for the club in lieu of monies gained from the two missed shows.
We have identified October as our 2021 Fund-Raising month. Over the month, we will offer 5 items for raffle. The items will be listed on a Monday (October 4, 11, 18 & 25) with the draw on the Friday following the item selling out. The item along with number of raffle slots and the cost for each raffle entry will be posted on the list Monday. We’re excited with the line-up of items, all that will benefit the dog fancy.
E-transfers will be sent to Donna Matheson, Treasurer for the Evangeline Kennel Club.

Spin draws will be videotaped and uploaded.